Water As a Means of Health Improvement

The Importance of water in our survival cannot be over-emphasized. Some drink waterWater only when they feel thirsty but this shouldn’t be the case. If possible you should make it a habit to always drink water.

Some people may say they don’t want to drink much water or excess water, but what we usually have is people who drink too little water.

It is a known fact that a foetus at birth is 75% water.

In diabetes, water keeps the cells hydrated because diabetics dehydrate the blood thereby increasing the amount of blood sugar.

Water hydrates the body regularly and water cushions the joints and protect the vital organs of the body. It should be known that chronic hydration can lead to; medical complications such as migraine headaches, allergies, asthma, and hypertension. More reason why we should consume more water.

Water aids digestion and proper absorption of food by the body. Water also helps eliminate toxins from the body, thereby relieving the body of harmful waste. Due to the availability of oxygen in the water, it aids blood circulation. Even a larger percentage of our body organs, tissues and cells are made up of water. I think this explains the logic of a man being able to survive without food for two or more month and dies in just a few days without water.

Water can help in the maintaining of a proper body composition and proper skin maintenance. It makes a person feel fuller. It is also very beneficial compared to drinking other beverages. Whenever you are thirsty, reach for the water jug instead of a soda, juice, coffee or tea, it will be a disservice to want to get water from these aforementioned beverages.

Generally, people don’t take into cognisant the amount of water they take in. The benefit of water to the body relies on the total amount of water taken.

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