See Why You Are Always Getting Sick


As the name of our website suggest – good look and feel, but no one feels
good when they’re always getting sick.
The place of diet cannot be over-emphasised in the total well-being of we
humans, the more reason why we must ensure we eat clean – proper diet.

Sugar is a food sweetener that could cause harm when used in excess. As good
as this statement is, it is a bit difficult to cut down the level of
sugar in-take especially when you consume lots of processed foods, soda,
and fast-foods.

Sometimes, because Sugar can be addictive, people tend to load their food
with lots of sugar and risk their health at the same time.
If you are one of those who think it will be difficult for you to cut your
sugar in-take, then you should read more about the common symptoms which
might arise from excess sugar consumption.

Sugar can be likened to a sweet “poison”, eating too much sugar can lead to
many health conditions. There are many negative side effects due to sugar
consumption, you can still turn your health around and throw out sugar from
your life for good especially if you haven’t experienced any of these
diagnoses or side effects. These are common side effects:

Diabetes: frequent high in-take of sugar can make it difficult for your
body to properly process, thereby predisposing your body to diabetes,
considering the way it is today that sugar is not natural to the human
body. Constant over consumption of sugar can lead to diabetes.

Digestive Issues: Sugar can cause problem to your digestive system. If you have
been having constipation or diarrhea, sugar may be at play.
This may in turn lead to chronic health problems, if you do not reduce
your sugar in-take.

Yeast Infection: Yeast literally thrive on sugar. If you find yourself
having to deal with frequent yeast infections, it is likely that your sugar
intake is feeding the yeast in your body and giving them an enabling
environment to flourish.

Since you have been enlightened on what high consumption of sugar can do to
your body. Below are some of the most common signs that you are taking
too much sugar in your diet:

Depression/anxiety: If you’re often depressed or anxious, you may be battling sugar addiction. Eating sugar can cause temporary spike in your mood. And can make your mood worse when the sugar gets out of your system, it can cause a drop in your
neurotrasmitter level.

Increase in illness: Sugar weakens the immune system, and a weak immune
system translates to frequent illness. So, if you have been getting more
cold than before, sugar may be dragging your immune system down.

Fatigue: it isn’t out of the ordinary to be tired a times, but if fatigue
is part of your daily life, sugar may be making you sluggish.

Sugar Craving: Eating sugar doesn’t fix a sugar craving – it makes it worse.
If you find yourself always wanting to take something sweet, you may be

Skin problems: Sugar is terrible for your skin, so if you have dry,
blemished, or unhealthy skin, sugar may be the reason.

Weight gain: It is no surprise that sugar can lead to weight gain. Sugar
always turn out to fat when ingested, especially around the stomach area.

Adding a little sugar to your diet is acceptable, but it is easy to overdo it.
If you’re experiencing any of these signs or symptoms, cut down on the
sugar immediately and see how much better you feel.


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