The Ultimate Solution On How To Reverse Diabetes

The Ultimate Guide To Naturally Reversing Diabetes


Diabetes which some people call the rich man's sickness, don't only affect the rich but nowadays also affects poor people regardless of age. Diabetes doesn't kill directly by itself but the effects of Diabetes is what kill people.

Complications as Foot ulcer (which leads to amputation), Kidney disease, Eye problems, etc.

Type 2 diabetes usually starts with insulin resistance, a situation where muscles, liver and fat cells do not use insulin well. As a result of this, your body needs more insulin to help glucose enter cells. And over time, the pancreas can't meet up with producing enough insulin and blood glucose levels rise. 

The older you get, the more you're predisposed to this disease. People who are above 40 years old, most especially those between 45 and 65 years old are more susceptible to type 2 diabetes. 

Although, chances of getting type 2 diabetes increase with age, it is not a normal part of aging. 

You may probably be living a healthy lifestyle, you maintain a nice weight, you eat clean and all. This is good but they are no guarantees that you have a normal blood sugar (glucose) level. 

This also boils down to the fact that those who are diligent in taking their type 2 diabetes can still develop deadly type-2 diabetes complications which most times leads to their death. 

Did you know that a family history of diabetes, race, being overweight, being pre-diabetes, having low levels of good cholesterol increases the risk of diabetes happening to you by whopping 80%? This has been proven by medical experts at WebMD.

If you have grandparents, parents, siblings who have it, your chances of also having type 2 diabetes is on the rise. 

Surely, lowering blood sugar in diabetics is an effective strategy for reducing the risk of death and heart disease. It is just plain common-sense that if diabetes is a disease of high blood sugar, then reducing blood sugar would be beneficial. 

However, it is important to note that elevated sugar is only a symptom and not the cause of the problem. The real problem is elevated insulin unchecked over decades from a highly refined carbohydrate diet, a sedentary lifestyle and environmental toxins. This is what kills slowly or quickly.

If it wants to kill you slowly, you could wake up one morning and discover you've been hit with a stroke, either your whole body is paralysed or half of it is dead to sensation. Or you could wake up to find a small wound on your limb or leg which refuses to health and your doctors will rather cut it off to safe the rest of your body.

With this happening to you, you lose the quality of life you've been used to and will have to rely on everyone around you to do basic things. Stroke is so bad that mobility because of a major issue to the extent that you may not be able to use the toilet by yourself. My great-uncle had to pee and poo on himself, then we clean it off him. That's how bad it is.

You could also be hit with kidney failure or even lose your eyesight if you doubt my words, just do a simple Google search.

If it wants to kill you quickly, it comes like a thief in the middle of the night to steal you away, causing a heart attack or cardiac arrest that kills you the same moment it strikes. That's why you hear of people that slump and die.

I suffered almost the same fate. I started experiencing frequent urination, always feeling dehydrated, thirsty and hungry. I was obese and I had a bad eating habit. When I was diagnosed with blood sugar so high, it was 125mg/dL to be precise. It is called borderline diabetes.

I was scared to death, I feared that I would either have a stroke or a heart attack one day and be erased from the face of the earth. To make my fears worse, I had lost my grandma to this same Diabetes.

Most medications and insulin therapy are always aimed at lowering blood sugar by increasing insulin. This is a bad idea as seen in a randomised ACCORD trial of over 10,000 patients.

In the intensive glucose-lowering group, there were no fewer heart attacks, and more patients died. Yet people suffering from diabetes continue to pay over $174 billion annually for this type of care, despite evidence that lifestyle works better than medications. We also pay for cardiac bypass and angioplasty in diabetics when evidence shows no reduction in death or heart attacks compared to medication.

Now, that we know what doesn't work, let me walk you through what works.

Dietary Recommendations for Reversing Diabetes:


Knowing what to eat and what not to eat can help you in your healing from the dreaded diabetes.
Eating in a way that balances your blood sugar, reduces inflammation and oxidative stress and helps improves your liver detoxification is the key to preventing and reversing insulin resistance and diabetes.

"Hippocrates (father of modern day medicine) said lets your medicine be thy food and thy food be thy medicine"

Let your diet be based on a whole food diet that is high in fibre, rich in colourful fruits and vegetables and low in sugar and flours, with a low glycemic load.

It is a way of eating that includes anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and detoxifying foods. It should include plenty of omega-3 fats and olive oil, soy products, beans, nuts, and seeds.

All these foods help prevent and reverse diabetes and insulin resistance. It is an important lifestyle that helps to turn on all the right gene messages, promotes a healthy metabolism and prevents aging and age-related diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Avoid or decrease your intake of:

  • All processed or junk foods
  • Foods made of or containing refined flour and sugar such as bread, cereals (cornflakes, frosted flakes, puffed wheat, and sweetened granola), flour-based pasta, bagels, and pastries.
  • All foods containing high-fructose corn syrup.
  • All artificial sweeteners (aspartame, sorbitol, etc) and caffeine.
  • Starchy, high-glycemic cooked vegetables, such as potatoes, corn, and root vegetables.
  • Processed fruit juices, which are often loaded with sugars (try juicing your own carrots, celery, and beets or other fruit and vegetable combinations, instead).
  • Processed canned vegetables (usually very high in sodium).
  • Foods containing hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils (which becomes trans fatty acids in the bloodstream) such as crackers, chips, cakes, candies, cookies, doughnuts and processed cheese.
  • Processed oils such as corn, safflower, sunflower, peanut, and canola.
  • Red meats (unless organic or grass-fed) and organ meats
  • Large predatory fish and river fish, which contain mercury and other contaminants in unacceptable amounts, including swordfish, tuna, tilefish and shark
  • Dairy - substitute with unsweetened, gluten-free soymilk, almond milk or hazelnut milk products.
  • Alcohol - limit it to no more than 3 glasses a week of red wine per week.

Balance Blood Sugar with Exercise


Exercise is critical for improvement of insulin sensitivity. It helps reduce central body fat, improving sugar metabolism. Exercising regularly will help you prevent diabetes, reduce your risk of complications and even help reverse it.

Ideally, you'll benefit immersely by walking for 30 minutes daily. Walking after dinner is a powerful way to reduce your blood sugar.

More vigorous exercise and sustained exercise is often needed to reverse severe insulin resistance or diabetes.


Supplements that Can Help Reverse Diabetes

Nutritional supplements can be very effective for Type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance. I recommend a number of different supplement which I used to reverse my borderline diabetes, gave to my great-uncle and many other people who are today testifiers of the good workings of these supplements:


Forever Aloe Vera Gel: which contains essential multivitamins and mineral. It contains antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, which are important in helping to reduce and balance blood sugar.
It contains magnesium which helps with glucose metabolism and is often deficient in diabetics.
Aloe vera gel helps to get rid of bad cholesterol and in turn increases the levels of the good cholesterol in the body. It helps to detoxify the liver and also helps with gut help thereby helping the body in the absorption of glucose and also reversing Type 2 diabetes.


Forever B12-plus: this powerful supplements contains B-complex vitamins that are important and are part of a good multivitamin. These extra B vitamins are especially helpful in protecting against diabetic neuropathy or nerve damage.

It also contains Biotin, which enhances insulin sensitivity.

Forever Active Probiotics: Diabetes is a dietary and digestive disorder. Clearly, it’s about elevated blood sugar levels. However, the food we eat feeds the bacteria in our gut. Eat too many carbs/processed foods and you feed the wrong bacteria. Often, diabetics get the disease by doing exactly that. Excess sugar simply results to the overgrowth of bad bacteria (like yeast). So, it comes as no surprise that probiotics (good gut bacteria, which means for life in greek) and diabetes are closely linked.

If you are diabetic, adding probiotics, as either food or supplements, can change things dramatically. And of course, you also need to eat the right does to feed the right bacteria after that. There is a strong scientific evidence supporting the fact that consuming probiotics helps decrease the serum cholesterol level and improves insulin sensitivity.

The Forever Probiotics has three protective layers, the first layer protects the active probiotics from the stomach acid, the second layer releases the proper probiotics into the small intestine while the third layer ensures the proper probiotics are released inside the large intestine; thus releasing the probiotics just at the right spot for maximum effectiveness.

The Forever Active probiotics is shelf-stable and requires no refrigeration.


We are making available just 10 packs to the first fastest 10 people to get in the journey of reversing their type 2 diabetes, these group of natural solution (supplements) at a today discounted price of N29,500 instead of the usual N35,500.

Those 10 people will also be getting two free ebooks bonuses - The Ultimate Shopping List to help you with what to shop and keep in your kitchen and also the Glycemic e-book to know the Gylycemic index of what you eat, this will help you in the selection of your food and in your healing and reversal process.

And also...

Fields of Green contains young wheat grass, alfalfa, barley grass and cayenne pepper. It is used for the treatment, control, prevention and improvement of the following conditions and symptoms:

  • High cholesterol
  • Oxidation stress
  • Burning pains
  • Lower blood lipids
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Soreness.

This is what the Forever Fields of Green will do for you as a Diabetic:

  • It will decrease blood cholesterol levels; decreasing blood glucose response to meal.
  • It will decrease cholesterols and increasing high density lipoproteins.
  • It prevents cholesterol absorption in the gut.
  • It provides temporary relief of soreness and burning.
  • It helps to reduce the risk of heart attack by 50%.


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Manage Diabetes by Managing Stress


Did you know that stress plays a major role in blood sugar imbalances?

Stress triggers insulin resistance, promotes weight gain around the middle, increases inflammation, and ultimately can cause diabetes. So, it is important to engage in relaxation practices on a regular basis, such as yoga, breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, hot baths, exercise, meditation, massage, biofeedback, hypnosis, or even making love. Your survival depends on it.


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