How To Eat Your Way To A Slimmer You

What goes into our body through our mouth is highly responsible for how our body tends to turn out and thus our overall health.
Sometimes we eat all we can and can all we eat into this same body we forget that what we eat today even though may be sweet in our mouth, might turn out to be poisonous to our health.
caloriesinmeat,fish&poultryWhy not let your food be your medicine?

Here I am not saying that you should starve yourself just to lose your weight, no, even the method of starvation can negatively affect your body weight and health.
But what I am telling you is doing less of those food high in calories and more of the foods low in calories.

Your daily physical activities can require you taking in more calories than recommended to the average person who isn’t daily engaged in much physical activities at work. However, having the knowledge of the calorie content of some of the food you daily eat can help you plan a healthy diet.

140g of Lean Beef = 315kCal
130g of Grilled Chicken-breast with skin = 225kCal
130g of Grilled Chicken-breast without skin = 192kCal
130g of Casseroled Chicken-drumsticks without skin = 184kCal
175ml of Red Wine = 119kCal
175ml of White wine = 116kCal
36g 1x Med Slices(Large Loaf) – Brown bread = 78kCal
36g 1x Med Slices(Large Loaf) – White bread = 85kCal
36g 1x Med Slices(Large Loaf) – Wholemeal bread = 77kCal
200ml of Apple Juice = 96kCal
250ml of Orange Juice = 118kCal
250ml of Pineapple Juice = 125kCal
100g Banana(a finger) = 80kCal

Calorie content in meat, fish and poultry foods is highly dependent on the animal or fish.
Calories in poultry such as chicken and turkey are the lowest. Calories in fish depend on whether it is ‘oily’ (e.g. mackerel, salmon, tuna, catfish) or ‘white’ (e.g. cod, Croacker, Tilapia, Kote) – ‘white’ is lowest. Calories in meat can be reduced by trimming all visible fat and choosing the leanest cuts.
Let your food be your medicine, this is a pathway to a healthy living.

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