6 Effective and Healthy Tips To Reduce Food Portion

media_foodieOne of the simplest way to lose weight is to watch what goes into your body in terms of food. Proper Diet makes up a larger percentage of weightloss success, thereafter comes exercises. Because it is difficult to commensurate the right amount of exercise to burn out the calories, but if you can instead of eating less, you can increase your workout to accommodate your appetite.

Lets get started with tips that can make you cut down your food portion, without making your feel hungry:

1. Start Your Meal With Water

Research shows that starting your meal by drinking water will make you feel less hungry. Sometimes feeling hungry is as a result of dehydration, so drinking water will make the stomach fill and reduced the urge of eating more.Tip: having a big glass of water with lemon can help reduce the urge of hunger

2. Add more vegetables

Always endeavour to put in enough vegetables into your cooking. Whatever it is, be it stir-fry, pasta, seafood, etc, stock it up with vegetables. Vegetables are filling and high in nutrient.

3. Eat Slowly

Eating your food slowly after chewing your food well can help your body digest the food faster and also fill you up faster. Food that are well masticated tends to digest faster and you wouldn’t need to eat as much, as in the case of swallowing.

4. Let Carbs be the additional

Don’t make a meal based on carbohydrates, make a meal and if need be add carbohydrates to it. Rather than base your meal on carbohydrate, let carbohydrate be the additional. E.g. Making a stir-fry? Load up your plate with veggies and a serving of lean protein(meat or fish without fat), then add a quarter cup of brown rice.

5. Size Matters

Reduce the portion of the food you consume. Most especially with food that contains high calories.

6. Plate Color and Size

The color of your plate may influence how much you eat, if you want to eat less, select plates that have a color-contrast to the food you’re eating for dinner – like if you want to eat a large bowl of vegetables, you can should serve it in a green bowl to eat more. Also, eating a small size plate can make you eat less.



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