11 Easy Sex Positions that can Enhance the birth of a Baby Boy

Pictures speaks better so enjoy these sex positions that can enhance your chances of having a baby boy. The main idea is to have a deeper penetration and have the sperm released deep inside so as to enhance the Y-chromosomes to get to the egg faster.

Magic Mountain Pose

magic-mountain-poseSpider Pose

Spider-PoseSpread Eagle Pose

Spread-Eagle-PoseButterfly Pose

butterfly-poseLaptop Pose

laptop-poseSplitting Bamboo Pose

splitting-bambooDoggy Pose

doggy-poseSeated Scissors Pose

seated-scissor-poseShoulder Holder Pose

shoulder-holderThigh Master Pose

thigh-master-poseLotus Pose


Sex position is just one of the ways of getting a male child. The motility of your sperm, your sperm count, testosterone level as a man, and the quality of your egg, the proper functioning of your Fallopian tubes, the regular menstrual cycle among others can be a determining factor for a woman trying to conceive.

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